One Team. One Vision.

One South Commercial is home to dedicated agents and brokers from diverse professional backgrounds who possess a wide range of skills and expertise. We leverage this unique quality in every transaction to ensure our clients’ best interests. Our Team is the difference. There are always opportunities for those looking for the right investments. Let us show you what we can do to help you maximize these opportunities. Our agents and brokers rely on diverse expertise, diligent research, data analysis, and industry-standard, nationwide marketing platforms to close deals. We believe in adopting the most progressive, powerful, and far-reaching strategies to reach targeted segments of the marketplace for fast and efficient transactions.

“Tom Rosman talks about what makes the One South Commercial team unique”


One South Commercial Team

One South Commercial is comprised of talented and creative individuals with professional backgrounds in diverse fields related to commercial real estate. Our team members bring their experiences as appraisers, property managers, project coordinators, investors, and urban planners into every transaction. Together with decades in combined experience in commercial real estate transactions, this breadth of expertise gives the One South Commercial team unique perspectives that helps us close deals for our clients.

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